Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) also known as Industrial Hearing Loss, is a work-related condition that is common in industries where excessive noise is prevalent. The noise levels in these workplaces can cause a permanent hearing impairment which can lead to many issues for the sufferer such as problems with hearing conversations and other sound related activities.

Noise induced hearing loss often appears years, if not decades after the original exposure meaning many people do not identify their work as the cause and merely put their loss of hearing down to getting older. The condition is acquired through exposure to excessive noise levels which damages the cells inside the inner ear leading to ringing, buzzing or muffling in the sufferer’s ears.

Examples of noisy industries/environments include the following:

  • Mining
  • Engineering
  • Car Manufacturing
  • Road Working
  • Factory Work
  • Steel Works
  • Glass Factories
  • and Many Others


There are many different types of noise induced hearing loss symptoms which can vary in severity, this all depends on past factors such as the exposure to noise and the type of protection provided. Many suffers mention the following problems –

  • Family and friends complain they talk too loud
  • Having the TV or Radio volume much higher than anyone else
  • Problems hearing the telephone or door bell
  • Asking people to repeat themselves, especially where there is background noise i.e. Pub

If you think you may be suffering with NIHL due to your former employment AFTER 1963 then give us a call for expert advice and free assessment to see if you can make a claim. Even if your former employer is no longer in business, we can still help!

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