What is a needlestick injury?

A needlestick injury is the term used to describe an accident involving the human flesh being punctured by a hypodermic needle or similar piece of medical equipment, like a scalpel.

Needlestick injuries are serious. If you have been accidentally wounded by a needle or another piece of medical equipment, your risk and exposure to infection can be high and you could be entitled to make a needlestick injury claim.

Used hypodermic needles can carry a vast amount of infection as they are generally used on sick patients. Transferring needles between people is extremely dangerous and the victim of a needlestick accident should seek medical attention immediately to diminish the risk of infection.

In a lot of needlestick injury claims cases, the cause of the injury was due to a needle being disposed of incorrectly, leaving a risk behind for the person whose job it is to dispose of the trash in which the needle has been left in.

In any hospital across the UK, there are regulations that state all used needles and sharp object should be disposed of responsibly and with clearly labelled refuse containers. If a person with a hospital; doctor, nurse, health worker, does not abide by these rules then people are going to suffer from injuries.

Doctors and nurses are at a greater risk of needlestick accidents yet rarely do they admit it. In a study of 98 UK surgeons 44% of them admitted to having suffered a needlestick disaster at some point in their careers, yet none of the 44% would divulge personal details like names or hospitals for fear of being blamed for misconduct.

It’s not just doctors and nurses that are victim to needle stick injuries – they also affect:

  • Health workers i.e. Care Assistants
  • Dentists
  • Patients
  • Council workers
  • Landfill operatives

People from all types of employment are at risk of coming into contact with a used needle or medical implement. If you have been victim to a needlestick injury then you will be entitled to needlestick injury claims compensation for the pain, suffering and stress you have been put through.

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