Holiday Food Buffet

Woman awarded over £4,000 in Holiday Sickness compensation

A woman from Oldham has received over £4,000 in holiday illness compensation after she contracted Salmonella while in Cuba.Deborah Beswick and her husband travelled to the 4* Tryp Cayo Coco resort in Cuba for a two week holiday in September 2015.

Deborah Beswick and her husband travelled to the 4* Tryp Cayo Coco resort in Cuba for a two week holiday in September 2015. However, after just a week at the resort, Mrs Beswick was struck with severe holiday illness. Her symptoms included vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach cramps.

Upon the couple’s return to the UK, Mrs Beswick’s holiday illness symptoms worsened. She attended an out-of-hours GP at Manchester Royal Hospital, as well as visiting her own GP, where tests revealed that she had contracted Salmonella food poisoning. Doctor’s warned Mrs Beswick that her symptoms are not due to subside until July 2017, meaning that her ‘holiday illness’ will have lasted a total of 22 months.

Mrs Beswick avers that her holiday illness symptoms were a direct result of the ‘alarming’ food and hygiene standards and practises she witnessed at the Tryp Cayo Coco.

According to Mrs Beswick, during her stay at the 4* resort she witnessed:

• Food was left uncovered and exposed to flies
• Birds flying around the buffet restaurant
• Food that appeared to have been reheated
• Food that was reused for several meals throughout the day
• Food that was left for prolonged periods of time at room temperature

After seeking legal advice, Mrs Beswick was awarded a total of £4,700 in holiday illness compensation from tour operator Thomas Cook.

Learner Driver Sign and Keys

Learner drivers to be allowed on to the Motorway in 2018

Since the UK’s first motorway opened to traffic almost 60 years ago, the nation’s M-roads have been free of cars displaying the dreaded L-plate.

But learner drivers will finally be allowed to have lessons on motorways in a matter of months after a change in the road rules. The move follows years of pressure from road safety groups over what they argued was a long-running safety omission.

While motorways are the safest type of road to travel on, the bar on learners using them meant they tended to be tackled for the first time by newly qualified drivers, who would often be alone in the car.

Post-test motorway courses are available to teach the specific skills needed for driving on them, but government research found that only a very small percentage of new drivers were taking these.

From next year, a change to the law will allow learners to drive on motorways, but only with a qualified driving instructor in a dual-control car, said the transport secretary, Chris Grayling.

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