On Friday 19th February, the UK Supreme Court ruled that a group of Uber Drivers were entitled to workers’ rights. This means that the Uber drivers submitting the claim were considered as employees working in a position of “subordination and dependency to Uber” and, therefore, they should be entitled to holiday pay and national minimum wage.

Before now, Uber drivers were classified as self-employed. Therefore, they were not considered to be entitled to minimum wage or holiday pay. However, the latest Supreme Court ruling will likely make it difficult for Uber to uphold the notion that all their drivers are self-employed. This means that anyone who has driven for Uber since July 2015 may be eligible to submit a compensation claim to receive backdated pay.

What does the Uber Drivers claim mean?

This ruling for the Uber driver claimants could help open the doors for many more Uber drivers to also claim compensation. The reason why you may be able to claim compensation is based on the argument that the amount of control that Uber has over drivers’ work would imply that the drivers are workers, rather than self-employed individuals or independent contractors.

Although Uber have stated that they have made significant changes to the company since the 2016 tribunal that the Supreme Court ruling is based on. They suggest that the changes made offer drivers more control over how they earn their money, along with providing new protections such as “free insurance in case of sickness or injury”. However, law experts have weighed in on this statement arguing that it is unlikely that these changes will work as a legal strategy.

The Court ruling could also open the opportunity for Uber drivers to fight for employee status which would afford them access to greater employee rights including protection from unfair dismissal. There are currently 60,000 Uber drivers in the UK. It is suggested that 24 percent of these drivers have already began filing for compensation claims against Uber.

How much compensation could I receive from submitting an Uber Drivers claim?

Do you currently drive for, or have driven for, Uber in the past 6 years? If so, you could be eligible to claim compensation. If successful, you may be granted compensation for backdated pay for missed holiday pay and national minimum wage reimbursements. You may also be entitled to maternity and paternity pay and statutory sick pay. Anyone making a claim could receive up to £12,000 compensation.

The amount of compensation that you could receive will be dependent upon your personal driving history for Uber. Your compensation amount will be calculated based on the length of time you worked for Uber, how many hours you drove, your earnings, and the expenses incurred. Each compensation claim will be assessed on an individual basis. By doing this, we can make sure you get the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

Whether you are a current Uber driver or not does not matter. As long as you have driven for Uber in the past 6 years, you may be able to file a claim.

How to make a claim

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Please contact us today and we will investigate your case to determine what compensation you may be entitled to. We will then work alongside you to guide you through your compensation claim. Working with experienced employment lawyers will increase your likelihood of receiving the full compensation amount.

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