About Ten Legal

TEN Legal are a family run law firm in Bury (Greater Manchester) offering a range of legal services. We pride ourselves on our excellent reviews – we currently have over 100 positive reviews across Facebook, Google and Trustpilot making us one of the most trusted solicitors in Manchester and Lancashire!

Why do we have such a great reputation? Firstly, we hand pick the very best people. Not only based on their legal knowledge and experience, but on their character, their ethics and their compassion. Our people are at the heart of our organisation!

As a law firm, we offer fair and transparent pricing at a competitive rate and we look after you every step of the way, whether you are asking up to handle your divorce proceedings, medical negligence claim, or commercial affairs.

Meet our team!

Victoria Hodgkinson


Partner and Specialist in Civil Litigation / Employment Law / Personal Injury

Nideem is an experienced Civil Litigation, Employment, and Personal Injury solicitor, and also one of our Partners here at TEN Legal.


Partner, and specialist in Personal Injury

Zulfi is a graduate of Lancaster University and has many years of legal experience, specialising in Personal Injury cases. He is one of the two Partners here at TEN Legal.

When he isn’t working, Zulfi can usually be found in the gym, where he has a real passion for boxing and weightlifting – which is probably a good thing considering how often he brings chips into the office!

Surprising fact….  Zulfi was recently appointed a Governor at Nelson and Colne College, which is a personal achievement he is extremely proud of!

Victoria Hodgkinson
Victoria Hodgkinson


Specialist in Commercial Litigation / Employment  / Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Shaista is our in-house Employment specialist, but also handles all areas of commercial litigation and insolvency / bankruptcy.

Outside of the fast pace of litigation, Shaista has two daughters and a kitten on the way!

Surprising fact….  People think that Shaista is quiet, but that is definitely not the case!


Specialist in Medical Negligence

Chris is a very experience Medical Negligence solicitor, having worked on a number of high profile cases securing large payouts for clients.

Surprising fact….

Victoria Hodgkinson
Victoria Hodgkinson


Specialist in Employment / Commercial / Personal Injury

Victoria is a qualified solicitor here at TEN Legal, and can handle cases relating to employment, commercial matters and personal injury.

When not working, Victoria loves to cook and go for walks with her two little boys, Alfie and Henry and their dog Willow!

Surprising fact….  Victoria initially started a degree in forensic science after studying chemistry, biology and geology at a-level but found herself more interested in the legal side of the course so changed course after the first year!


Specialist in Personal Injury

After graduating from the University of Manchester and completing her LPC at Nottingham Law School, Faiza is a qualified Personal Injury solicitor at TEN Legal where she specialises in helping individuals with their personal injury claims.

Outside of work, Faiza enjoys spending time with her children, visiting parks, beaches, and cycling!

Victoria Hodgkinson
Victoria Hodgkinson


Specialist in Family / Wills and Probate

Aisha is a qualified Family Law solicitor at TEN Legal, where she most enjoys supporting people with cases relating to Divorce and Children Matters to make sure they get the best possible outcome.

Surprising fact….  When it comes to pizza, Aisha is team pineapple!


Specialist in Family / Personal Injury

Mariam is an expert solicitor responsible for handling many sensitive and important family law cases. She finds family law cases regarding Children Matters to be the most rewarding types of cases to work on.

When not working, Victoria loves to cook and go for walks with her two little boys, Alfie and Henry and their dog Willow!

Surprising fact….  As a child, Mariam dreamed of becoming an English teacher. While she may not be teaching English, we think young Mariam would be proud to see her using her skills and knowledge to help lots of families and children!

Victoria Hodgkinson
Victoria Hodgkinson


Specialist in Personal Injury

After completing her Law degree at Kings College in London and obtaining her Legal Practice certification at the University of Central Lancashire, Gail is a qualified consultant solicitor.

Outside of work, Gail is very much a family-person and often spends her weekends ferrying around after her youngest child taking him to various hobbies or enjoying some much-needed me-time by baking, cooking, reading or singing!

Surprising fact….  Gail owned a motorbike for a few years before having her youngest child… at which point, she decided to retire the motorbike life in favour of a more family-friendly set of wheels!


Trainee Solicitor

Farah is a trainee solicitor here at TEN Legal, she will be fully qualified next year but already has seven years of experience working in personal injury, having worked in practice for the duration of her studies!

Outside of work, Aunty Farah spends much of her time with her nephew who is a big part of her life, going for walks and catching the sunset.

Surprising fact….  Aside from being a rising legal star, Farah is a self-taught henna artist!

Victoria Hodgkinson


If you require any further assistance from a legal representative, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0161 402 0213, email info@tenlegal.co.uk.or contact us online.


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