Lasting Power of Attorney

Designate a suitable person to handle your affairs in the event of lost capacity

What is Power of Attorney?

Power of Attorney is a legal document that is prepared by a solicitor, which will designate a person of your choice to handle your finances and affairs should you lose mental capacity.

A person cannot authorise a Power of Attorney if they have already lost capacity, therefore it is important to put these measures in place sooner rather than later. The contents will not be triggered until a point where it is needed, meaning you remain fully in control until it is simply no longer possible.

It is important to have these assurances in place, if you do not legally designate a person of your choice while you have the capacity to do so, it is likely that a family member or a friend will apply to the Court of Protections for Deputyship of your affairs once you are unable to make that decision for yourself – aside from being a great deal more costly, this may not be the person you would have chosen for yourself.

Help with lasting power of attorney

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Why should I use a legal professional rather than doing it myself?

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a very powerful and important document and there are a number of options for you to consider so we would recommend that you allow one of our solicitors to explain the best options for you and help you through the process.  We have seen DIY Power of Attorney documents prepared without professional help that have caused a lot of issues later because certain pitfalls and potential problems were not understood.

By appointing a specialist solicitor to draw up your legal documents, you will have peace of mind that if and when they should need to come into effect they will be legally binding and all eventualities considered.


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