Unfair Dismissal

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If you feel your employer ended your employment unfairly, either because of the reason why you were dismissed, or the process they used, then you may have been unfairly dismissed and might be able to complain to an Industrial Tribunal.

What unfair dismissal is

There are several ways your dismissal could be unfair:

  • your employer does not have a fair reason for dismissing you (for example, if there was nothing wrong with your job performance)
  • your employer did not follow the correct process when dismissing you (for example, if they have not followed their company dismissal processes or the statutory minimum dismissal procedure)
  • you were dismissed for an automatically unfair reason (for example, because you wanted to take maternity leave)

There are many other reasons too why a claim might be brought against your employer for Unfair Dismissal so if you suspect that your role was terminated unfairly and not in accordance with UK law, our specialist Employment department can offer a free, no-obligation consultation to advise whether you may have a claim.

Unfair Dismissal Claims

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Pregnancy related unfair dismissal

What will happen next if I have grounds to make a claim?

If you think you may have been dismissed unfairly, get in touch with one of our Employment specialists who will talk to you about the merits of your claim and advise you on how to proceed.

At TEN Legal we are transparent, understanding and upfront about any costs involved in making a claim and we aim to make the process as straight forward as possible.


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