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Redundancy advice for employers

While no business owner wants to make members of their team redundant, it is an unfortunate necessity in many cases where there has been an economic downturn. As seen with Covid-19, it can sometimes be completely outside of your control but it is still important to ensure that legal processes have been followed and that your company is protected from the exposure of future claims which can be extremely costly in the long run.

If you need to make redundancies in your organisation, it is wise to seek legal advice to ensure that the correct process has been followed, and to understand your obligations in relation to holiday pay, possible redundancy pay and notice periods. It is also important to ensure that you are not selecting staff members for redundancy based on discriminatory factors such as pregnancy, sexual orientation, religion or race. If your employees believe they have been chosen for redundancy for discriminatory reasons, they may bring legal action against you.

At TEN Legal we can offer one-off redundancy advice or a monthly retainer can be agreed for an outsourced legal department.

redundancy advice for employers

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redundancy advice employees

Redundancy advice for employees

Losing your job is an incredibly stressful experience, and while most employers are ethical and compliant in their processes for making redundancies there are also many who fail to follow the correct processes and do not correctly remunerate their employees with the settlement they are entitled to.

This includes providing you with the correct notice period (as per your contract), providing you with the redundancy right amount of redundancy pay depending on your age and length of service, and ensuring that any unused holiday that has been accrued is paid in your final pay packet.

Certain processes also need to be followed, and redundancies cannot be made for discriminatory reasons – for example, after you have told your employer that you are pregnant.

If a role has been made genuinely redundant, the same position should not be re-advertised soon after.

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