You may have heard that SSB Law Solicitors have gone into Administration. SSB Law handled lots of Defective Cavity Wall Insulation and Medical Negligence Claims. It has now come to light that many of the Claims that they handled were negligent.

If you pursued a Claim with SSB, it is understandable that you may be concerned or worried about that will happen next. The good news is, you do have options. You may be entitled to make a Counter Claim against them for Professional Negligence due their conduct in running your Claim.


I have a Medical Negligence Claim with SSB Law – what can I do now?

If you have an ongoing or existing Medical Negligence Claim with SSB Law, you may be wondering what this will mean for your Claim. Don’t panic! Assuming the claim is still live, you will have the option to transfer the file over to a new Solicitor who may be able to take over your Claim.

Speak to our team of Medical Negligence Specialists who will be more than happy to review your file and assist you with any queries you may have about what will happen next.

I pursued a Defective Cavity Wall Insulation Claim through SSB – What are my options?

Unfortunately, it has now come to light that many of the Defective Cavity Wall Insulation Claims that SSB handled for their clients were negligent. This may mean that your claim was unsuccessful, or that it was discontinued.

Here at TEN Legal, we are currently assisting people in your position who have chosen to make a Counter Claim against SSB for Professional Negligence. We invite you to contact our team of Specialist Solicitors, who will review your case file and assess whether you will have a successful Claim for Professional Negligence.

Now that SSB Law have gone into administration, what happens to any outstanding fees?

With No Win, No Fee claims, if the Claim is unsuccessful or should have to be discontinued, any fees associated with the Claim will be covered by the After the Event (ATE) Insurance Policy taken out on your behalf by your Solicitor.

We have come across some instances where SSB clients have been sent bills to cover the legal fees and expenses of the other side. In this instance, we advise that you contact the ATE Insurer to see if they will cover these costs. If they refuse due to inadequate cover, this is reason to pursue a Professional Negligence Claim against SSB. When entering a No Win, No Fee claim, it is the responsibility of the Solicitor acting on your behalf to ensure that adequate financial protection is in place.

What should I do next?

We advise you to seek legal advice to get better clarity of the position you are in and what options are available to you.

If we take on your claim, either for Medical Negligence or Professional Negligence, this will be handled on a No Win, No Fee basis. Our team of Specialist Solicitors will ensure you have adequate protection through our ATE Insurer.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to forward them to our team. You can send an email to Zulfi Khan at or call the office directly on 0161 404 0213.