When your marriage breaks down and the decision has been made to start the Divorce Process, the first question you may ask is: “How long does a Divorce take?”

While there is no black and white answer, you could expect that your Divorce or Dissolution will take at least 6 months to complete, if the process is straightforward. If there’s any disputes with money, property or children, the process can take much longer.

How long does a Divorce take if disputes arise?

Disputes in Divorce are quite common, couples may argue over who is going to stay in the marital home, or how the assets will be divided. Knowing how long a Divorce will take when disputes arise is very difficult to say. It may sound obvious, but the quicker a resolution is found, the quicker the Divorce Process can continue and be finalised.

If a client finds themselves in this situation, the first thing we advise is that you attempt to have a calm and composed conversation with your ex-partner.

If a couple can’t come to an agreement on their own, Mediation would be the next step. Mediation is a way of sorting through any issues which may arise. A third party person – known as a Mediator – will sit with you both in hope that you will come to an amicable agreement without having to go through the Courts.

Is Mediation compulsory?

Mediation isn’t a compulsory part of the Divorce Process. Neither you or your ex-partner can be forced to attend Mediation. That said, the Courts do like to see that the two parties have at least attempted Mediation before the matter is taken further into Court. It also may be worth considering the extra cost, time, and stress that not attending Mediation may cause.

How long does a Divorce take if my ex-partner is refusing to engage in the Financial Proceedings?

If your ex is refusing to engage in the Financial Proceedings, unfortunately it will slow down the process somewhat. While the Court will eventually make an Order without your ex’s presence, they do like to give them a chance to respond before they jump to that conclusion.
What will likely happen is that the Court may adjourn a few times to give your ex-partner an opportunity. You will still get to the finish line, it may just take a bit longer if the other side is refusing to cooperate.

How can TEN Legal help me?

Here at TEN Legal Solicitors we have a team of dedicated Family Law Specialists who are experienced in helping people through the Divorce Process and related Family Matters. Your designated Solicitor will support and navigate you through this difficult time. They will work tirelessly to achieve a fair and successful outcome, whilst keeping you informed every step of the way.

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